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What to put in an obituary?

    Basic Information:
  • Full name of the deceased.
  • Date and place of birth.
  • Date and place of passing.
  • Age at the time of passing.
    Biographical Information:
  • Brief overview of the deceased's life, including significant life events, education, career, and hobbies.
  • Mention of family members, including spouse, children, grandchildren, and other relatives.
    Accomplishments and Contributions:
  • Highlights of the deceased's achievements, awards, and honors.
  • Contributions to their profession, community, or charitable causes.
    Personal Traits and Characteristics:
  • Description of the deceased's personality traits, passions, and interests.
  • Unique anecdotes or memories that capture the essence of who they were.
    Funeral or Memorial Service Details:
  • Information about the funeral or memorial service, including date, time, and location.
  • Any special requests or instructions from the family regarding donations, flowers, or attire.
    Closing Remarks:
  • Expression of gratitude to those who supported the family during their time of loss.
  • Invitation for friends and acquaintances to share condolences or memories.

Remember, each obituary is unique and should reflect the individuality of the deceased. These bullet points can serve as a guide, but feel free to personalize the content to honor the life and legacy of your loved one.

At Eulogy Pen, our journey commenced with a deep-seated belief in the uniqueness and preciousness of every individual's life story. Our founders, propelled by empathy and a shared vision, discerned the necessity for a more meaningful and personalized approach to obituaries. Witnessing the stark void left by simple death notices in newspapers, they were profoundly moved to redefine how we honor and remember our loved ones.

Why is an Obituary Important?

An obituary transcends being a mere announcement of a passing; it stands as a tender reflection of a life well-lived. This heartfelt piece of writing serves as an enduring tribute, offering a glimpse into the distinct personality, triumphs, and treasured moments of the departed soul. Crafting a thoughtful and compassionate obituary enables friends, family, and future generations to grasp and cherish the individual's legacy, forming a timeless memorial that transcends the constraints of time.

Preserving a Lasting Legacy:

A meticulously crafted obituary serves as a timeless homage, safeguarding the unique legacy of an individual for generations to come. It presents a comprehensive overview of their life, accomplishments, and the profound impact they made on others, ensuring that their story is remembered with profound depth and nuance.

Honoring Achievements and Milestones:

An obituary serves as a platform to honor and commemorate the achievements, milestones, and contributions of the departed soul. It becomes a collective celebration of a life well-lived, offering solace and closure to friends, family, and the wider community.

Creating a Personalized Narrative:

Crafting a considerate obituary empowers loved ones to craft a narrative that encapsulates the essence of the individual. By sharing personal anecdotes, memories, and endearing traits, it paints a vibrant portrait of the person beyond the name, celebrating their uniqueness and the indelible impact they had on those around them.

Connecting Generations:

An obituary acts as a conduit between generations, offering insights into family history, values, and traditions. It fosters a profound sense of connection for future generations, fostering a deeper appreciation of their heritage and the individuals who shaped their family's narrative.

Providing Comfort and Closure:

For grieving friends and family, a thoughtfully crafted obituary can serve as a beacon of comfort and closure. It provides a communal space for shared reminiscences, allowing the community to unite in remembrance and support. During times of loss, a meaningful obituary helps navigate the emotional terrain with grace and empathy.

Informing the Community:

Beyond being a mere announcement of a passing, an obituary serves a practical function by informing the community of the loss. It furnishes details about memorial services, funeral arrangements, and any specific requests from the family. This ensures that friends, acquaintances, and colleagues are equipped with the requisite information to pay their respects and offer condolences.

Example Obituary from Eulogy Pen

Janet Swanson, born on December 29, 1921, in Ilion, New York, peacefully passed away on December 23, 2015, at the age of 93. She was born to Della S Taylor and William Leitz and was the eldest of two siblings, Mildred Leitz and William Bill Leitz. Unfortunately, both Mildred and William have since passed away.

Janet was married to her late husband Russell Swanson for 18 years. They met after the passing of her beloved Aunt Elizabeth, when Russell, a widower himself, fell in love with Janet. Their shared love for music brought them closer as they would play their respective instruments together; Russell on his violin while Janet played the organ and sang hymns. Together, they embarked on numerous adventures across the United States and around the world. Although they did not have any children of their own, Janet fostered a deep affection for her nieces Margot and Billy Jean, who were the children of her brother William Leitz. To Janet, they were like her own daughters.

Janet had no biological grandchildren but truly adored her niece Margot's children - David, Daniela, Aaron, and Adam. She would shower them with letters of love and encouragement throughout the years. Every birthday was celebrated with thoughtful cards and gifts from Janet. The children always eagerly awaited her letters filled with warmth and wisdom.

Known for being grateful, funny, hardworking, and outgoing, Janet's pursuit of education set her apart as a trailblazer in the 1930s. She obtained a bachelor's degree from Wheaton College before going on to pursue a master's degree at the same institution. Her passion for teaching led her to work as an educator at Newark Board of Education for an impressive span of 20 years. Despite remaining single during this time period, she poured all her dedication into shaping young minds. Janet went above and beyond her teaching duties, even visiting her students at their homes if necessary. Her commitment to her students made her a beloved teacher.

Throughout her life, Janet cultivated numerous friendships and actively participated in various clubs and organizations. She found great joy in singing with the choir, playing the organ, and listening to Christian music. Her faith was a cornerstone of her life, as she was a devoted Christian attending Missionary Alliance services and serving as a prayer warrior. Janet firmly believed in the power of prayer and spent countless hours interceding for the needs of her family, friends, and the world. Reading her Bible brought immense comfort to her soul.

Janet's heart for missions prompted her to support missionaries across the globe throughout her lifetime. She even traveled to faraway places to meet these courageous individuals face-to-face, offering them love and encouragement.

In remembering Janet Swanson, we cherish her dedication as an educator, her unwavering faith, and her selflessness towards those she loved. May she rest in eternal peace as we honor the legacy she has left behind.

In essence, a well-crafted obituary transcends the formalities of announcing a death; it becomes a poignant instrument for honoring, remembering, and celebrating the life that once graced our midst. It is a heartfelt tribute to both the departed and those left behind, ensuring that their legacy is honored with dignity and reverence.

Eulogy Pen's Compassionate Solution recognizes the emotional turmoil that accompanies the grieving process, Eulogy Pen extends a compassionate and invaluable AI tool tailored to alleviate the burden of composing a eulogy. Our online platform harnesses cutting-edge technology to gently guide grieving families through the creation of a heartfelt and bespoke obituary, infused with warmth and compassion.